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On Dying Atheists

Why would I name my blog Thoughts of a Living Christian, you may be wondering. Well, my selection was mostly influenced by the fact that I was listening to Muse’s song ‘Thoughts of a Dying Atheist’, a horrifyingly beautiful piece where Bellamy – a self-professed Atheist – plays the character of a man who has reached the end of his days and is suddenly faced with the morbid fact that, according to his particular beliefs, there is nothing for him once he dies. Faced with the fact that he won’t be reincarnated, won’t appear before the Pearly Gates, won’t receive his 72 virgins; he is suddenly afraid. Firstly, what if he was right and there is simply nothing once he dies; and secondly – and the more terrible of the two – what if he was wrong and he will soon be entering eternal damnation?

Not a very happy topic Aaron, you may now be wondering. And I’m not surprised. It is a normal reaction to be afraid of or become upset by death. Theologically, death is not natural, and came as a result of sin. So why then, would this particular topic be of interest to me?

One of the major reasons is because everyone dies.


You will.

I will.

Your neighbor, your cat, your teacher, that doughnut guy…everyone dies.

Death, therefore, is that inescapable thing that all must face, all must deal with and all must come to terms with.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be as terrifying as society says it is. For example, what happens to a Christian when he/she dies? He/she enters into eternal bliss, where there is no pain, no suffering, and eternal, perfect communion with God. This physical life we exist in at the moment is saturated in sin, drenched in death and putrid with pain. Death nearly seems merciful.

Don’t misinterpret me, however. I am not trying to say that death is good. Death certainly is not good. Death is the cancellation of relationship. What I am merely trying to say is that death need not be feared IF you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, who conquered death.

It is no wonder that Matthew Bellamy fears death. I’m not in any sort of position to judge, but without Christ, he – no matter how awesome his music is – and other Atheists like him, such as Dawkins, are destined for the same fate as this earth and everything from this Earth. But those with Christ are no longer of this Earth. They are no longer destined for death, but have risen with Christ, and live through Him by the Holy Spirit. As Christians, our physical bodies may die, but we need not fear what happens after, for our spirits are now alive, thanks to Jesus Christ.

Hence, this blog should not be taken as depressing, but rather uplifting and encouraging. We now have the option to be alive, through having a relationship with God, and can escape death and fear! Christ has given us a hope that cannot be found on this Earth, a hope that cannot be quenched by any force or defeated by any evil. This, therefore, should be the basis upon which we live. Once understanding this, we can go out into the world and live amongst those who are dead. Like light in darkness, life cannot be defeated by death, but is unmistakable and conquers death.

Perhaps Bellamy and Dawkins will one day have a Damascus moment and one day come to understand true life.

We probably shouldn’t hold our breath though.


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One thought on “On Dying Atheists

  1. on said:

    Maybe if we got to meet Mr. Bellamy…
    Nice man 🙂

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