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Lennox and Dawkins – Has Science Disproven God?


One of the most incredible things I find about Lennox is how gracious he constantly is. This debate would have been a very difficult one to keep composure in, and yet he keeps it! I saw him speak recently, and he said tone and posture is vital, remembering that your opponent is the image and likeness of God. However, he also admitted to nearly snapping a few times, one such time is in this debate. Keeping your composure against such a frustrating argument presented by Dawkins would have been very difficult!

Another note I wanted to make on this debate is in reference to a particular observation I have made of the New Atheists such as Dawkins and Hitchens. A major tactic employed is intimidation and discreditation. People such as Dawkins dance around and side step the real questions, while arguing ferociously against small points. This happens a few times in this debate, and is very often marked by comments such as “I don’t know of the historians you have been talking to,” etc. They attempt to discredit Christians, backing them into corners in which it is difficult to get out of and to intimidate them, hoping for another small, unrelated comment on which they can pounce on and again belittle the Christian. Lennox, however, is remarkably capable of avoiding being backed into corners, and – despite Dawkins creating what to seems to be a grand campaign, arguing Lennox is a ‘Liar for Jesus’ – remains, at least seemingly, unintimidated.

Hope you enjoy!


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