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Poverty and God?

Observe the following:

Here are my thoughts:

The reason for poverty is not caused by God. Extreme poverty was caused by humans. Humans are the ones who pillage and exploit; greed is what causes this extreme unbalance. Why does God allow it? Well I think he asks that exact question of us: why do we allow it? We have enough food in first-world countries to feed to the rest of the world and live happy and healthy lives, but instead we have obesity problems. What we throw away is more than what most people in the world could dream of. The problem is not why does God allow it, but why do WE allow it?!
But God helps solve the problems we create for ourselves. A Christian missionary named Robert Pierce from America experienced this poverty first hand, in 1947 when he travelled to China and Korea. He came back with a great desire to fix this, and he began World Vision. This one Christian man began a company which would become a company that pours billions of dollars into poverty-stricken communities and countries. Just one man. Imagine if the entire world decided to fix the problem!
Christian beliefs cannot be the cause of these issues, for Jesus himself said, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matt 25:40). Jesus commands us to be the solution to the problems humans have created. He tells us to feed the poor, help those who have suffered from wars and terrorism, bring justice to those who have suffered from injustice, because doing so is like looking after Jesus himself. And he tells us he is with us as we spread these Christian values (Matt 28:18-20). He helps us fix these problems, just as he helped Robert Pierce – one man who established a multi-billion dollar charity organization.
We ask, “God, why do you allow this suffering?” Jesus aks, “Humans, why do you allow this suffering? I gave you everything you need to fix the problem and I’m offering to help…and you sit there and let people starve. You let me starve.” There have been many things comitted in the name of the Christian God which have been horrific, but that is not Christian. Jesus commands us to love one another as he has loved us, to love our neighbour more than ourselves, to spread love and grace, to forgive, to carry forward and to love justice and to hate injustice. Anything contrary to this is disobedience, and is thus, not Christianity.

But the values of Christianity are absolutely stooped in love and it would be impossible to argue Christianity is bad for the world.


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